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የኢትዮጵያ ታሪክና ሥነጽሑፍ የምርምር ሥራዎች /Researches on Ethiopian History and Literature/
    On Dictators and the Heights Of Oslo:Maxton and the others opine that the Italo-Ethiopian war is “a conflict between two rival dictators.” To these politicians it appears that this fact relieves the proletariat of the duty of making a choice between two dictators. . June 18, 2017
    ‛አኹንም ፡ ብዙ ፡ ብርሃን!’። :ስላንድ ፡ ጽሑፍ ፡ የሚሰጥ ፡ አስተ፟ያየት ፡ ከኹለት ፡ ነገር ፡ ይመነጫል ፤ አንድ፦ስለቀረበው ፡ ጽሑፍ ፡ አድናቈ ትን ፡ ለመግለጽ ፣ ሌላው፦የቀረበው ፡ ጽሑፍ ፡ ከሚጠበቀ ው ፡ ደረጃ ፡ በታች ፡ ከኾነ ፡ ሒስ ፡ ለመስጠት። የኔው ፡ ካንደ ኛው ፡ ይካተታል። እንዲያም ፡ ቢኾን ፡ ግን ፡ ምድር ፡ የለቀቀ ውዳሴ ፡ አላቀርብም ፣ በወደዱት ፡ ነገር ፡ ላይ ፡ እንከንን ፡ አይ ወድዱምና ፡ ለእኔ ፡ መስለው ፡ የታዩኝን ፡ እጠቋቍማለኹ። 1 ዘመኑ ፣ ለኛ ፡ ሥራዎች ፡ በኛው፥ለውጭዎቹ ፡ በነሱው ፡ አቈጣጠር ፡ ነው። ‘አኹንም ፡ ብዙ ፡ ብርሃን!’ ክፍሌ ፡ ተክለጽዮን። 3 ካሥራሰባተኛው ፡ ምእትያ ፡ አንሥቶ ፡ እስከ ፡ ኻያኛ ው ፡ ማብቂያ ፡ ድረስ ፣ ቍጥራቸው ፡ ትንሽ ፡ የማይባል ፣ ዋና ዋና ፡ የኾኑ ፣ ልሳነ-ዋህድና ፡ ልሳነ-ክልኤ ፡ መዛግብተ-ቃላት ባገራችን ፡ ቋንቋዎች ፡ ላይ ፡ ተዘገጃጅተዋል።. መጋቢት 17, 2009
    THE BATTLE OF ADWA:The Scramble in which the Europeans of the 19th century willfully subdivided Africa among themselves has not allowed the continent to follow its own natural course of cultural and political evolution. However, the speed of European conquest, the depth of its penetration and the magnitude of its control were not always dictated by the outsiders who were vying to exploit its resources.. March 01, 2017
    Journey into the private universe of Haile Selassie ( Interview By Oriana Fallaci 1973 ):Oriana Fallaci: There is a question, Your Majesty, that has been troubling me since I saw the poor running after your car and fighting over an 18- pence dollar. What do you feel, Your Majesty, when you distribute alms to your people? What are your feelings when you are faced with their poverty?. June 28, 2016
    Ethiopian Source Material and Colonial Rule in the Nineteenth Century: The Letter to Menilek ( 1899) by Blatta Gäbrä Egzi'abeḥēr:This article proposes to consider some of the problems of interpretation of historical sources relating to late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Ethiopia. I will focus on one author, the Tegrean intellectual Blatta Gabra Egzi'abeher, and one document, his letter to Menilek.. June 04, 2016
    Dreams in Amharic Prose Fiction:Dreams are regarded as important indicators of good or bad fortunes to come by a very large section of the Ethiopian society. Since such prophetic dreams are believed to divinely inspired, they are often taken seriously by all concerned and acted upon in waking life . This situation caneasily be illustrated by an anecdote in Mängestu Lämma's biographical work.. April 02, 2016
    Nkrumah At Noon:What shall we tell our children of you ?
Did you dare them to walk upright
Lone Ashanti son. April 02, 2016
    ALIENATION: A RESULT AND IMPACT OF WESTERN EDUCATION ON ETHIOPIAN INTELLECTUALS:It is my contention that Western education has alienated Ethiopian intellectuals by uprooting them from their history, culture, language and society. This paper, which was presented at an Ethiopian studies conference at the University of Dayton, Ohio, in the summer of 2006, attempts to elaborate my contention by providing a brief account of the history of Western education in Ethiopia and its negative impact on Ethiopian students. It also demonstrates how Marxism damaged Ethiopia and reveals the secret forces behind Marxism and its hidden agenda. In conclusion, it suggests ways and means of improving the core-curriculum of Ethiopian education. . March 24, 2016

ስርክ እለት አዲስ ነው ታሪኩ ሲነሳ። . March 20, 2016
    A Century of Ethiopian Historiography:History, as the recounting of past events and deeds, is probably old as humanity as itself. But it was the Greeks Herodotus and Thucydides who introduced the organized and written historical narrative. In Asia, Chinese historians of the Han dynasty developed similar a tradition of writing organized and analytical history. . March 19, 2016
    ETHIOPIA AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION: 1917-1935:The connections between Ethiopia and the Russian Revolution of 1917 are of two types on the one hand fear on the part of the monarchy that its teachings might reach the Ethiopian people on the other hand, the warm reception accorded to the White Russian refugees interrupted by waves of suspicion, arrests, and expulsions.. March 19, 2016
    Battle Of Adwa Italy's Terrible Defeat:Rome, March 3. The present campaign against the Abyssinians threatens to become one of the most disastrous in which the Italian arms have ever taken part, and what the final outcome will be it would be hard to predict. It was rumored to-day that the latest defeat of the Italians by the forces of King Menelik had compelled the Ministry to resign. owing to the popular disapproval of the Government's policy, but tonight this report is denied. . March 03, 2016
    HERUY'S YA-HEYWAT TARIK AND MAHTAMA-SELLASE'S CHE BALAW: TWO PERCEPTIONS OF A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY :Explicitly or implicitly, biographies have dominated Ethiopian historiography. Until very recently, Ethiopian history has been almost exclusively the history of the elite. As such, the reconstruction of historical events has revolved around the careers of prominent individuals. . February 28, 2016
    Ethiopian Creative Writing and Criticism in English A Review and Bibliography:In this work, Ethiopian creative writing in English is taken to mean creative writings by Ethiopians in English. Such works include poems, short stories, plays and novels. Translations from Amharic in to English are included since Amharic is the language, compared to many other Ethiopian languages, in which much creative writing is produced. . February 27, 2016
    THE LIBRARY OF EMPEROR TEWODROS II AT MAQDALA (MAGDALA) By RITA PANKHURST:The Emperor Tewodros II (1855-68), although remembered to-day mainly as an energetic modernizer, was also involved to a significant degree in the history of traditional Ethiopian libraries.. February 27, 2016
    A CRITICAL COMMET ON SOME TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF BIRHANU ZARYIHUN'S HULATT YA-ENBA DABBEWOC :Most traditionally oriented writers of Amharic prose fiction present the expositional material (i.e., background information about the characters or events) in the opening parts of their narratives.. February 27, 2016
    THE HISTORICAL NOTES OF LIQA-TABBABT ABBABA YERAFU:The elders of North-East Africa have long been renowned for their powers of memory on which their compatriots relied for genealogical lineages, rights of ownership, procedures of law, marriage customs and the like. Literate or otherwise, they all for the most part imparted their accumulated knowledge by word of mouth. Unlike the griots of West Africa, however, quite a few made use of written documents, at least in the form of notes.' . February 20, 2016
    SOME AMHARIC SOURCES FOR MODERN ETHIOPIAN HISTORY, 1889-19351:Emperor Menelik's reign (1889-1913)opens a new era in the kind of sources that the historian has at his disposal for the analysis of modern Ethiopian history. During his reign printing presses were set up in the country and spurred a gradual growth in the more wide spread use of Amharic, not just as the spoken but also the written language of the imperial court.. February 20, 2016
    The Narrative Architecture of The Thirteenth Sun:Abstract: Among Ethiopian novels, The Thirteenth Sun occupies a unique position because of the manner in which it portrays social decadence.. January 24, 2016
    IMAGINATIVE WRITINGS ON ETHIOPIA AND THE HORN OF AFRICA: SUPPLEMENT AND UPDATE:Ethiopia a and the Horn of Africa, a s noted in a previous rticle1, have been the subject o over the centuries of considerable number of novels, short stories, plays and poems. The present study, which is based on further investigation in an area scarcely charted with bibliographies, is designed to supplement, as well as to update, the earlier work. Both articles, it should be noted, are concerned exclusively with works in languages other than those of the region. The latter deserve a study, or studies, of their own. . January 23, 2016
    ETHIOPIAN LITERATURE AND LITERARY CRITICISM IN ENGLISH: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY:This bibliography consists of three kinds of entries: a. Works of literary interest written in English by Ethiopians b. English translations of works originally in an Ethiopian language c. Criticism in English of written and oral Ethiopian literature. . January 19, 2016
    AN AMHARIC WAR-SONG OF EMPEROR TÈWODRO'S SOLIDERS:Captain Tristam Speedy, a sometime British officer in India, visited Ethiopia on four separate occasions. The first was in 1861 when he attended the court of Emperor Tewodrs II who asked him to assist in the training of his soldiers.. January 19, 2016
    On the State of Amharic Literary Scholarship:My aim in this brief essay is two-directional first the essay is aimed at pointing out some misconceptions f aulty assumptions and unwarranted sweeping generalizations about Amharic literature that I particularly observed in those few works by expatriate scholars, who, to their credit, and as opposed to their Ethiopian counterparts have attempted a more or less comprehensive study of the literature Obviously, this does not mean that Ethiopian scholars have not made any attempt in this respect. Yonas Admassu -Institute of Ethiopian Studies-. January 03, 2016
    Afewerq Yohannis and Debbebe Seyfu: Notes on Ethiopian Writers of the Late Twentieth Century:The twentieth century s aw the beginning of fictional writing in Ethiopia. After a hesitant beginning, the market became, in a modest way considering the demand of Ethiopia's reading public, almost flooded by the second half of the century M any of the authors who then appeared will remain important as long as Ethiopian literature continues to be read . Reidulf K. Molvaer -Michigan State University Press-. January 02, 2016
    ALAQA TAYE GABRA MARIAM (1861-1924):Alaqa Taye Gabra Mariam was a native of Kamkam Qaroda, Yifag, in Bagemeder. He was born on the 21st Magabit 1853 B.C. (March 1861) during the reign of Tewodros. His mother died while he was a child and his father had left for Shoa. It was thus that Taye left his native village for Tigre where his uncle lived. But upon his arrival in Tigre he learnt that his uncle had left for Bombay, India. ALEME ESHETE -Istituto per l'Oriente C. A. Nallino Stable-. January 01, 2016
    ANA MHARWICA RSO- NGO F EMPEROTRÈ WODR' SO SS OLIDERS :Captain Tristam Speedy, a sometime British officer in India, visited Ethiopia on four separate occasions. The first was in 1861 when he attended the court of Emperor Tewodrs II who asked him to assist in the training of his soldiers. (. January 19, 2006

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